GraKeL is a Python package extension, for the study and use of an upcoming area in data-mining and machine learning, known as graph kernels.

Getting Started

For seeing this version of the GraKeL project on the relevant GitHub repository you can have a look on the README.


A collection of all classes and functions important for the use and understanding of the GraKeL package.

GrakeL provides

What’s New

  • Version 0.1a5
    • Various bugfixes in kernel implementations.
    • Added a bunch of utils functions for external operations: transforming existing graph formats (csv, pandas, networkx) to the grakel native, k-fold cross validation with an SVM and kernel matrix transformer for manipulating precomputed kernel matrices in an Transformer fashion.
    • Conda compatibility: visit https://anaconda.org/ysig/grakel-dev.

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